Friday, 18 August 2017

PASCAL's comeback is highlight of the Entertainment Industry in 2017. Find out Why

Cameroons unique, energetic and most prolific rapper/song writer Ndimofor Pascal (known by his stage name PASCAL - Yung KING) who is presently signed to Strange Kings Music has just released his comeback single entitled “Paapi” 
On the track produced by Dijay Karl, Pascal raps in English and Pidgin, accompanied by voice samples at the intro in French (by Banso Diva) and in between the song (By Frida Fara). 

Now, why do i say Pascal's comeback is the highlight of 2017?? Well, you will agree with me that since Pascal left New Bell Music, his comeback has been highly anticipated from his fans all around the world. In the song, he succeeded in maintaining his "Story Telling" style of rap with amazing punch lines but also softened it a lil bit to please even his female fans. "Paapi" is a beautiful piece of music that everyone will automatically vibe to because the sound is a combination of hip hop, dance-hall, afropop, trap and tropical music whereby Pascal expresses love “in his own terms”. This makes the music generally appealing because love is a universal language.

Paying attention to his choice of words, punchlines, delivery and general vocal expressions, you can tell for yourself that Pascal is a master at what he does, making him one of the most promising hip hop acts in Africa. It is just a matter of time before he takes over the world.

My sources tell me the Official Video of the song will be released soon and in my head i already have Wild Thoughts lol. In the meantime, check out the lyric video to "Paapi" below and sing along

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